Ancient teachings and healings empowering you to find your center, reclaim peace and joy and live your life fully.

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Whether you’re at a point in your life where you’re searching for greater balance or whether you’re on a spiritual journey to discovering a deeper truth - it is my joy to share the tools that I have personally used to transform my life into a peaceful, empowering experience. Select from one of the many healing sessions I offer or set up a free consultation to learn more.

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Modern Mystery School

I experienced a traumatic loss early in childhood that set me on a path to understand the deep mysteries of life. I have pursued many teachings and techniques and while every one of my experiences have deepened my appreciation and understanding nothing has awakened my consciousness like the Modern Mystery School.

This is truly a school of the heart. When they say they will awaken your divine potential they mean just that - it’s not instructional or academic it’s alchemical, it’s magical and it’s the most incredible experience imaginable!

Gudni Gudnason

The Modern Mystery School was founded by Gudni Gudnason. It’s doors opened in 1997. This mans selfless service to Humanity enabled the birth of a school so incredible that it’s presence is now felt in over 47 countries and provides tools of empowerment to tens of thousands of people throughout the world.