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Whether you’re at a point in your life where you’re searching for greater balance or whether you’re on a spiritual journey to discovering a deeper truth - it is my joy to share the tools that I have personally used to transform my life into a peaceful, empowering experience. Select from one of the many healing sessions I offer or set up a free consultation to learn more.

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Cassandra Bachtell

Cassandra Bachtell
I can easily look back on my life, from a very young age, and see a single theme that permeates all my choices, my gifts and my challenges - the search for truth. Forever fascinated with the underlying nature of reality, from a young age I was drawn to the power our minds have to heal or harm us. I studied Psychoneuroimmunology at UW-Milwaukee and would later receive minors in both Psychology and Biology from the University of Arizona. I’ve thrown myself into all life has to offer and have had many experiences that have served me along my path of transformation. I excelled in corporate America working with Silicon Valley giants and small start-ups alike. Although I was successful on the outside something was missing inside - there was an emptiness that longed to be filled with an awareness beyond the surface of things.  I searched for answers along many paths for years to quench the desire for deeper truth. I learned many things from many healers, read many books and applied many different tools. Although valuable, they all fell short of providing me with the greater awareness that I longed for. In 2012 I came across Reiki - the connection to this energy would become my gateway into a spiritual journey that led me right to the path of deeper initiations into an ancient mystery school lineage. What I’ve shed and what I’ve gained over a five year period has been nothing short of miraculous. It is my deepest joy to share the transformative techniques that have accelerated my growth with you.

Certifications and Initiations

The Modern Mystery School

  • Adept Initiation - January 2015
  • Healers Academy Initiation - April 2015
  • Life Activation Practitioner - April 2015
  • Max Mediation Facilitator - April 2015
  • Aura Healing Practitioner - April 2015
  • Universal Kabbalah Program - May 2015 - March 2016
  • Ensofic Ray Practitioner - May 2017
  • Universal Kabbalah Program Audit - April 2018 - January 2019
  • Ritual Master Novice Initiation - May 2018
  • Ritual Master Apprentice Initiation - November 2018


Additional Trainings

  • Reiki Master / Teacher Usui Shiki Rhoyo - February 2014
  • Reiki Level II - September 2013
  • Reiki Level I - February 2013