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Whether you’re at a point in your life where you’re searching for greater balance or whether you’re on a spiritual journey to discovering a deeper truth - it is my joy to share the tools that I have personally used to transform my life into a peaceful, empowering experience. Select from one of the many healing sessions I offer or set up a free consultation to learn more.

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Healing Sessions

Aura Healings

Our aura is a magnificent emanation of pure energy that emcompasses our physical body. Your aura protects your energy body in much the same way that your skin protects your physical body. It is your first line of defense to keep toxic energy out of your energy field. Toxic energy can emanate from many places: environmental, other people, and negatively charged situations are some external forces that we regularly face. Our aura is also affected by the foods we eat, the products we use and the thoughts that prevade our mind. Over time fractures are created in the aura, these entry points allow more outside energy into our field. During this session, your aura will be scanned for fractures. Each entry point will then be filled with agape light and sealed. In this way these wounds are purified, cleansed and healed. - $65.00.

Aura healings are helpful when:

  • Negative situations are affecting you more than normal.
  • You find yourself stuck in a negative thinking pattern often wondering where your thoughts are coming from.
  • You feel physically and mentally drained. 

Benefits include:

  • Increased protection from outside negative forces. 
  • A renewed sense of strength and clarity in your own thoughts.


Cord Cutting

Energetic cords are created when an emotional relationship exists between two or more people. These cords circulate energy, positive or negative. Every thought, emotion and interaction affects our energetic structure and well-being, even if we are no longer in contact. One way to think of emotional cording is the bond that a parent has with a child; although not biological in nature, we create similar bonds with the people in our lives. Often these cords are positive providing us with a sense of connectedness and emotional support. - $125.00.

Cord cuttings are helpful when:

  • A relationship has ended and you're looking for freedom from that chapter.
  • A major life change has occured (moves, divorce, job loss/change) and you are ready to let go  of the past to create a new future.
  • You find yourself stuck thinking about a past relationship or situation. 

Benefits include:

  • Increased ability to let go
  • Empowerment to focus on what you want to create without being attached to what has ended
  • It becomes easier to move forward as thoughts of the past relationship / situation begin to loose their hold 
  • A sense of peace and closure


Ensofic Ray

This is a powerful energy healing that cuts right to the core of the issue be it physical or emotional. It reinvigorates the will, igniting your drive and passion to live to your fullest potential. This healing is done over the course of three one hour sessions spaced 7-10 days apart. Each session builds upon the work done in the prior session culminating in deep, transformative healing. - $480.00

Ensofic Ray is helpful when:

  • You have struggled with a long-term issue without seeing results.

Benefits include:

  • Releasing of old wounds.
  • Reconnecting with your divine essence.
  • A clear sense of purpose and renewed focus in life. 


Life Activation

There is an energetic blueprint to our physical being. This blueprint embodies our true essence. It is the I AM presence in this essence that is connected during this session. Using the tools through an ancient lineage of King Solomon, this session awakens your divine potential placing you in alignment with your higher self. It infuses your genetic blueprint with pure light and, in this sense, it is a session of pure enlightenment. This session also includes energetic balancing, aligning your spirit, body and mind in preparation of this deeper connection to your higher self. - $175.00.

A Life Activation is helpful if:

  • You’ve ever had the sense that you are not living in alignment with who you truly are meant to be.
  • You feel stuck, lack clarity and passion for life.
  • You are interested in taking courses through the Modern Mystery School as this session is a pre-requisite.

Benefits include:

  • Holding more light for manifestation
  • Increased clarity through connection to your Higher Self
  • Releasing old, sub-conscious patterns that no longer serve you


Reiki Sessions*

This healing is a vibrational bath for your energy body. It literally bathes you in high vibratory light providing you with a sense of peace and calm. It clears out the mind chatter, allowing your body to release what is no longer serving and begin the process of healing. Reiki is a wonderful support tool for anyone who is going through a challenging period in their life and is a component of routine self-care that provides your body with comfort and rest. - $65.00.


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*All sessions, with the exception of Reiki, are offered through the lineage teachings from The Modern Mystery School. Sessions are provided on Amnicon Lake in Superior, Wisconsin.