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The Tricky Nature of Healing Shame

Posted: 2019-04-03

Shame is a feeling of being wrong at the core. If you feel shame, you feel you are the cause of others rejecting behavior towards you. You may often feel inadequate in most if not all situations and circumstances in your daily life. It is a rejection that you place on yourself at the core of your being. When this rejection is placed on oneself, what is at the core for you? Take some time to understand what shame means and how it has affected you. Shame can be a disconnection with knowing or acceptance of your true self. Shame is a very negative energy that has many layers and very easily pulls us down. It is something that many people don’t realize they experience. It is sneaky, and when present can present itself as other feelings and experiences such as embarrassment, unworthiness, and not being good enough or not doing something right....[Read More]