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Using the Frequency of the Heart to Override the Insanity of the Mind

Posted: 2018-05-30


Stinking thinking; we’ve all heard it. We’ve all done it. Our minds are brilliant at creating stories. We are inherently wired to fill in the gaps to make sense of our surroundings. Our perceptions are not reality and often our perceptions cause unnecessary suffering. Our way of thinking is more than enough stimuli to set in motion the primitive fight or flight response. Perceptions are largely based on subconscious core programming designed to ensure our survival. We have the ability to transcend this dynamic. Practicing the steps outlined below the next time you find yourself in pain due to your perception of an event could bring you back to a state of peace:

The following procedure is taken from The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit by Joseph Chilton Pearce

  1. Recognize when a stressful event is shaping up or taking place and “freeze the frame” at the instant of recognition. Freezing the frame is like pushing the “pause” button on your VCR- the pictures action and sound are stopped immediately. As soon as you realize a stressful event is manifesting, freeze your state of mind, making no mental response. Any of us can suspend our thought, blank out inner chatter and ordinary reaction for a few seconds while we perform step two. 
  2. Shift your attention to the area of your heart. Focus and hold your attention there for the few seconds you will need for step three.
  3. Recall a positive, joyful, fun-filled event in your life, or bring to mind some person you love fully or savor in memory. Form an image of that person or event as best you can and hold to the joyful feeling of that recollection without shifting your concentration from your heart area.
  4. Keeping your focus on your heart, open to your intuition and common sense and, with utmost sincerity, ask your heart what would be the best response you could make to the situation at hand. What behavior on your part would be most effective in resolving the tensions or healing the rupture in the relationships involved in the situation taking place?
  5. Listen to what you then hear or feel as your heart’s response.
  6. Act on the heart’s response.


Our brain and our heart carry individual frequencies that harmonize to each other. This energetic vibration changes depending upon our focus. When we shift into the heart we override the mind, we override our preconditioned programming and we embrace a new way. Over time this new way settles in, we release the old programs and embrace that same sense of joy and wonder we had as a child.